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Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky & Southwest Ohio (MHANKYSWOH) helps people explore options for recovery from mental health and/or substance use disorders and supports them through the process. Starting at enrollment, staff gain understanding of individual needs and work with the individual to create a plan addressing health, home, purpose, and community, the foundation for long term recovery. 

2020 Campaign: Connection to Care

80% of Americans worry that people who need mental health services won't be able to get help. 

By supporting MHANKYSWOH, you can connect individuals to care through our pro bono counseling program, which links volunteer mental health professionals in the community with those who need but cannot afford mental health counseling.

What makes it so hard for people to get mental health care in America? The root of the problem is lack of access-or the ability to find care. 

  • No insurance or limited coverage of services
  • While the US is facing an overall shortage of doctors, the shortage of mental health professionals is steeper than any other category. 
  • Lack of available treatment types (inpatient treatment, individual therapy, intensive community services)
  • Insufficient finances to cover costs--including copays, uncovered treatment types, or when providers do not take insurance

Alarmingly, 1 in 4 Americans had to choose between mental health care treatment and paying for daily necessities in 2018. No one should have to choose between their health and immediate needs. When you give to MHANKYSWOH, you become someone's connection to desperately needed care.

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