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Ohio Valley Voices (OVV) was formed in 1999 when three families wanted their young children, who were deaf and recently fitted with cochlear implants, to have the opportunity to learn to listen and talk. The families were discouraged when they found no such local programs and felt their only option was to start their own program. In 2000, OVV opened its doors, initially serving 16 children who were deaf or hard of hearing from the Greater Cincinnati area.

Today, Ohio Valley Voices serves over 50 children at a time from across the tri-state area and even the world. The kids join us five days a week for intensive and highly individualized listening and spoken language therapy mixed with regular preschool or early elementary schooling. When children graduate from our program, they are "mainstreamed" to their local public or private school by the first or second grade. These children will continue on their educational journey alongside their hearing peers without the need for additional services.

By giving these kids access to this speaking world, OVV opens them up to a world of possibilities and allows them to reach their fullest potential.

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